Current Situation – It’s an ill wind..

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My mother had a saying she used a lot – “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good” often shortened to “It’s an ill wind” and as a child I didn’t understand how the wind could be poorly. I understand now what she meant in that it is a very bad situation that has no good whatsoever in it.

The upside of the current crisis is there will be more time to be at home and to enjoy simple pleasures – like having time to paint instead of making ceramics all the time, and time to think.

We have produced our own brand of hand sanitizer gel so will have a great way of keeping the galleries clear of any nasties and we really hope you will still come and visit in person. Of course we have internet shopping for your delight but it’s not the same as coming in.

Nobody knows the impact the government ruling will have on visitor numbers to Cornwall in the coming weeks – but I hope we are not overwhelmed with illness and that everyone behaves responsibly.

Currently there is an excellent supply of loo roll in St Just as we are not bonkers.



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