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Having earned a living as an artist/ceramicist and gallery owner for over 22 years I think it’s about time to pass on some of that valuable experience to others.

We are now offering a full Business Mentoring service for people in the creative industries and in particular individual artists and designer/makers looking to start up in business using their talents and ideas. We can also offer advice to established artists looking for new ways to build their business and increase their turnover.

We specialise in identifying ways to create new products and to increase existing ranges and have many contacts locally and nationally who are tried and tested in their production fields.

We can offer marketing and pricing advice and have extensive experience of Trade Shows and Craft Fairs etc and we can give very useful advice for display layouts and how to approach dressing your stand for either the Trade or Retail. We can advise on packaging and branding too.

We also offer a WordPress website building service, can optimise/improve your existing website and add e-commerce pages etc.if you need them.

We can advise on photography and photoshop and make sure all your images are to a good standard..

We can help you build/improve your Social Media presence as well if needed.

The advice is always confidential and given on a one to one basis.


We charge £55 per hour and a lot of ground can be covered in this time! We would however recommend three hours for a start up consultation and detailed Website advice is chargeable on top of this depending on what you need.

Please call 01736 786695 to talk about what you require and we will be glad to talk things through with you.


Leyla Folwell – The Ceramics Studio, Wigwam Creative Collective and Leyla Folwell Ceramics

“Jane has been such a great support to me whilst I was building my business. Her years of experience and vast knowledge of business and craft have been incredible. She is a well of knowledge and creative solultions. What I particularly loved was sitting down with a cup of tea and thrashing out ideas.  Jane has a great ‘bullshit detector’ and she will weedle out any weak areas in your ideas or business plan to ensure you have a clear idea of what will work and what will not.

This no nonsense approach saved me time and money and because she has been in business herself for so long she has a practical soution on the tip of her tongue for every possible scenario. She is generous in sharing her vast experience and knowledge as a maker and business woman. If you are serious about making money from your art then talk to Jane.  This realistic form of mentoring is unique and I cannot recommend her highly enough...”