Please see our latest risk assessment and safety policies which are set out in detail below:

Please don’t come into the gallery if you are unwell or think you may have symptoms.

In the exciting event we get a queue please queue to your left when facing the doors. Signs will be displayed in our windows but it’s commons sense really. The pavement is narrow. You will be six seagulls apart and watch out for pedestrians passing and traffic too.

One household at a time is now the rule to be safest for all.

We will wear a face coving and require that you do too. We have installed 2 screens around the desk for everyone’s comfort and safety. I don’t want arguments about exemptions. If you say are you can show your medical letter if you really need to come in.

The rules require you to stay 6 feet away from the other person etc (we’re sure you know by now!) and we will observe the rules when serving you too. Think of the width of 6 seagulls…and if you don’t comply we may make you into a pie and feed you to said seagulls as in previous years.

Please point this out to your offspring!

When you come in please have a browse around – all the doors will be open to ensure good air flow and to avoid unnecessary contact points.

All knobs and door handles will be regularly wiped and sanitized. Very rigorous cleaning routines have been put in place for each day at the start of business, during opening hours and at the end of the day. We will be washing our hands all the time.

Please use the sanitizer at the door and on the desk as liberally as you like for your hands and any other bits you feel need sorting.

We would like to take cash for purchases under £5.00 but over this would encourage you to use contactless payments. Don’t worry – we can sanitize the card machine (and you/your card) with our magic spray and wipes.

Please try and avoid too much touching of things you are not intending to buy – but we can quarantine items so do have a try on of scarves and jewellery. We will just take the items off sale for 72 hours and with jewellery will give it an additional thorough soapy wash etc. Please be assured we will be very strict about this.

If you would be happier with a private appointment you have only to ask