Each piece of serpentine is collected by me from the beaches of the Lizard then drilled and polished to a satin sheen to bring out the beauty of the stone. Hand cast tin beads are paired with the serpentine to make pendants, necklaces and earrings. This range gives a contemporary slant to an ancient mineral.

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An eclectic range of handmade jewellery featuring sterling silver rings and earrings, gemstone and crystal necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants, and a new range of hand painted/enamelled, colourful earrings using copper and hand made sterling silver wires

We have recently added a new range of quite large but very lightweight brass and mixed metal ‘double dangle’ earrings which show the contrast between the brass/silver nickel and copper and include some verdigris finish pieces. These are proving to be very popular as are our ‘dangle studs’ – dangly earrings but with a sterling silver stud instead of a wire.

The St Just Artisan Jewellery range also includes our hand cast tin pendants and rings which are unique to the gallery. A recently developed range is our gold plated wire range which gives a very bright, contemporary aesthetic. The range is building all the time so please check our online shop for new items. Prices from £9.00 to £195 (Although it is not possible to copyright materials and processes I consider myself to be the owner of copyright for all the items on this page and my particular method of working with the cast tin is certainly considered to be copyrighted to me).