Please see our latest risk assessment and safety policies which are set out in detail below:

Please don’t come into the gallery if you are unwell or think you may have symptoms of Covid or its variants.

In line with government guidance which says face coverings are expected and required to be worn indoors we ask you to please wear yours in the gallery. We will keep the doors wide open to ensure good ventilation.

Cases in Cornwall are still quite high and we have a duty to safeguard our customers and staff.

We are still asking you to sanitise as a matter of basic hygiene.

Please make sure your children behave well around other customers as some people may still be anxious about the virus transmission.

All knobs and door handles will be regularly wiped and sanitized. Very rigorous cleaning routines have been put in place for each day at the start of business, during opening hours and at the end of the day.

We would like to take cash for purchases under £5.00 but over this amount would encourage you to use contactless payments. Don’t worry – we can sanitize the card machine (and you/your card) with our magic spray and wipes.